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Kelley has been chosen for our March Spotlight Award.
Over the past few months, Kelley has been working hard with NovaLash to be chosen as a brand ambassador. Last month, Kelley traveled to Houston, Texas for NovaLash’s Lashoff. Kelley was chosen as Lashoff Fans’ Choice.While in Houston, Kelley met with other brand ambassadors.  Kelley was hand picked as a finalist by the owner of the company.  Kelley is so grateful for the opportunity to be involved with NovaLash over the next year.

Kelley chose to do lash extensions as another service to broaden her service versatility.  After doing a large amount of research, Kelley decided to use the NovaLash brand of eyelash extensions. She loves working with the NovaLash cleanLASH pads. The cleanLASH is designed to remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up your clients wear.

In her spare time, Kelley loves to travel and experience new places.   Please look at the article that Behind The Chair Magazine published about the Lashoff. http://www.behindthechair.com/displayarticle.aspx?ID=6355&ITID=7


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